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Better to have a Do OVER

……than to have never DONE


Assuming  what they say is true that.. “its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all”.

I started thinking about this the other day after having a conversation with a girlfriend.   Ever wonder why some people seem to be so “unlucky” in love or never find love or a life long(we hope) partner?   Having been married and divorced I think I’d take that experience and all that came with it ( good and bad) than to have not had that experience or my kids at all.

I chuckle when people say they “came close” to being married.  I guess that means they got engaged??  What the heck does “close” mean?  Do you get street cred for that? I’m thankful that I didn’t end up being  one of those It’s All About My Career type chicks or dudes.  Although nothing is wrong with that .. if that’s your path.  It turns out most everyone I know that hasn’t been married or have kids that’s about my age is or was one of those type people at some point in their life.  There’s also another perspective …  being too picky to where you plucked yourself slap out the pool or dating game.  As I listen to my single as in never been married friends my heart aches for them.  I wonder is it really that hard?  How and what do they think and feel as they look back and reflect?   You’d think the never married folks would have it easier because you think they have less “baggage”, but turns out that’s not the LOOK post 30’s. Experience in life becomes the order of the day.     We all can reflect on lessons learned and the shudda-coulda-woulda’s  of life.  I’m happy I had the chance to meet/love/marry/divorce … and even happier to have the greatest chance to do it all over again and hopefully get it right.  I carry my DO-Over Ticket boldly and proudly and almost for dear life.  Unlike a Lottery ticket that you just want to turn in at the 1st opportunity to claim whats yours… this D.O.T works just the opposite.  You’re more careful with who you redeem it with.  Its face value doesn’t decrease over time instead it increases.  The more you know the more you grow sort of thing.  It has no expiration date.   D.O.T’s are not to be taken lightly.  Anxiousness, loneliness, spontaneity are not valid reasons for cashing it in, at least not for me.  This ticket you want to seal and savor until the right one comes along.  Is it being picky?  Maybe, but I prefer the word selective.

Somewhere along the course of this entry I digressed but the point is this.. maybe we are the lucky ones to have been there done that vs those that just can’t seem to get there at all or feel opportunity lost and gone forever.    To each his/her own but I kinda like the way my story turned out and continues to turn.  Here’s to the road of future and continued happiness in LOVE and Life.    Looking forward to an EXCITING ride for 2015!!  #Goodmombadwife

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