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Blame it on the Alcohol

I’m so in awe and amazed at the things that people share… up to and including myself, but moreover what people share upon 1st meeting someone new.   I decided to get out and mingle the other day, so off I went to a local “hot spot” for happy hour.   I was sitting at a high top table with 3 other ladies all of which were not native Columbians.  We chuckled about how chivalry was dead in this town and the guy pool a hot mess.  It was also noted about how “cheap” guys were, especially in mingling type situations.  They don’t buy drinks and just kinda stand back.  One lady said technically not only should the guy buy a drink for the lady he’s eyeballing but all the ladies she’s with.    So we continue to talk and laugh.   At some point I look up and around and there’s this guy staring me square in the eyes.   I smile and sheepishly, slowly turn my head back around.   During that movement I noticed he was mouthing something so I did a double take and saw that he was asking me what was I drinking.    I mouth back what I was drinking … which I guess that was an invitation to approach the table.  J   He comes over and I tell him again… he then goes around the table and buys all the other ladies who said yes a drink.  Now if I didn’t know better I’d think he was in our mouths or listening to our conversation.  It was too perfectly timed.   Anywho…  two ladies leave which left seats open so he and his brother come over and start talking to me and the last lady.

Our conversation was quite interesting.  He’s ex-military, married once, engaged twice( yep.. he was disclosing all).. I guess I’ll blame it on the alcohol.  Ha!  The interesting part about fiancee’ #2 is that he had bought a house, moved chick in, paid  all the bills and essentially gave her “WIFE status” while being a girlfriend/fiancee’.   Well she flips on him and gives him the “DUDE” treatment.  She said she wasn’t pressed to get married because she had the cow and the milk already.   That TRIPPED him out!  He was undone.  So he slowly kicked her out and demoted her.  She later said  all she wanted was sex so if he was in agreement they could maintain a sexual thing, but just leave it there.  (Yes… that was a lot for a 1st time interaction).    The nicest guy though.  He further shared that although that’s not his desire he has “MAN NEEDS” and she’s “familiar” so whoot there it is.   Despite all that he says he wants to be in a committed relationship and is hoping to meet someone perfectly matched for him.  In the meantime a bed mate will suffice ( I guess I’m not mad at him).. who am I to judge? Hashtag: DO YOU!   Let me just say.. I attract some very “colorful” characters.   He asked me out to lunch the following day and I obliged.  What did either of us have to lose and I eat lunch everyday. Haha.

I guess the life lesson in all of this is …

1.  Some women/men will settle for ½ best if that’s the only option on the table.

2.  Like the woman said, she had nothing to aspire or look forward to in marriage because she had it all already, hence no need to proceed further ( hmmm)

3.  When you date or have a purpose not even ½ good will do if you know GREATER is out there somewhere.  We tend to settle for mediocrity so easy sometime.

Pause…   time for a commercial break, this story is not done but over for now.

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