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Let ’em Go!!

When I first met Wayne we had this friendly debate over people moving on.  Letting people go.  We didn’t see eye to eye on the subject at all.   My position is this:  If I matter/mattered to you then you should “fight” to keep me, in the event I happen to serve you notice that I’m leaving.   I’m done or its over.   His stance is:  “Let ‘em go”.  If  ...

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Who you calling A …..

Dumb Ass Hoe. These are the words that ended what started out as a fairly decent ‘routine’ conversation between the EX and I. Where did this 10 minute conversation go wrong and so quickly?  The conversation was over schedules and visitation.  How neutral of a conversation can one have? How could an argument stem from that right?  WRONG!  I  ...

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