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Christmas without YOU

Christmas without YOU



I have to say.. this has been one of the best holidays I’ve had in a while.. as in several years.   From the outside you’d never know we were festive or in the holiday spirit.  There were no lights strung outside or inside for that matter.  No tree, no decorations, not even an angel nor stockings flanked the fireplace.  One would probably think Scrooge himself lived at my home.  While I’m a giver I just didn’t grow up with the tree and all that stuff.   Partially for religious reasons so I don’t feel compelled now to put up all that stuff.  I do from time to time but since moving I must’ve left all that stuff behind or trashed it.  Now what I am is cheap so the thought of re-purchasing was not even remotely exciting.

So what made it a great holiday?  It was an adventurous couple of days spent with people who care about me/us and vice versa.  A host of family and friends made their way into our homes.  The house was filled with the aromas of food.  I cooked and cooked and cooked and they ATE!  It was a Caribbean inspired feast daily.  Spices, jerk, brown sugar and the smell of sweet treats and pastries filled the air.


As my kids get older I’m less of a toys person and more clothes and experiences/memories.    The guy I’m dating has a huge family (that gets along with one another) so we spent time with his family.  Boy can they eat and eat and eat.  Thank Goodness I start fasting in January!     My best girlfriend came down from Maryland with her twins and family, and then there was the surprise visit from the BIGS… ( my Exes kids).   Well the surprises didn’t just stop there.  Not only did they come to surprise the “Littles”  (their brothers that I had with the EX) but their mother came too!  Yup, my Ex-husbands .. EX-Wife was in the house.    All that was missing was HIM!  So lets do a roll call.  ( Step-kids, His brother (Brother-n-law, his ex-wife, our kids) all in one place.  Now if that ain’t the makings of a pure Reality show.   I don’t know what is!   In an attempt to get some sinister revenge or reaction of pure evil, but yet laced in love ( is there such a thing)?  Lol   I sent him pics of the whole crew.  I wanted him to see and know that we are all one family over here.   I wanted him to be mad.  Sickened in knowing we all get along.  This was the family picture I had envisioned while we were married.  The only thing missing is YOU.  There was a moment of sadness and recollection that came over me.  How could he F*#$ up our marriage?  Was that piece of A$$ really worth losing all this?  I wanted the pictures to be an IN YOUR FACE tangible reminder that   YOU SCREWED THIS UP!   While I’m not sure if that message resonated I know he got the pics and I hope he shakes his head at himself often.    Dream cloud bursts and now I’m back to reality.  🙂


Overall a great holiday.  The new guy is very family oriented and I’m glad he allowed us to share in his family tradition.  Something I always wanted and dreamed about became a reality.  So memories were made and now its time to settle back into this thing called WORK.   #goodmombadwife.

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