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Friend or parent?


I’m not your Friend… I’m your parent!  How many times have you uttered those words?  I think I’ve had a slight change of heart to that phrase or shall I say let me append that phrase.  Here’s why.  I’m glad and still a wee bit uncomfortable but more thankful that he decided to hesitantly, almost dreadfully have a conversation with me about SEX over the break.   Now this in hindsight was a make it or break it moment for me/us.  How I acted or reacted would’ve for certain determined if he would “talk” to me again about not only this but about any other topic close to his heart.    It was a good conversation and engaging.  I tried to pretend I wasn’t in the least uncomfortable with the content.  I also made sure to not be judgmental in my facial expression nor tone of my voice.  All told I think we were both content with the exchange and I believe he should now feel like I’m approachable and easy enough to talk to about any and all things.

What I learned during that exchange is that sure and true we as parents have to let the children know who’s boss and that we are parents 1st, but once the child becomes “grown” or “of age”… you kinda have to throttle back on the I’m your parent approach and begin to show ourselves more “friendly”.  I’m finding this is vital if you want to have good communication with your child and keep open dialog.   I think I’m growing and learning how to be a better parent as he and traverse through this new stage of Mother-son relationship.  It’s the hardest transition but so wonderfully rewarding knowing he trusts me and values my opinion, or something like that.

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