The Dating Scene

I didn’t see that coming….





It was a typical Wednesday… hump day as many like to call it.  The only thing different was that instead of going home directly after work my coworker and I decided to hit the local hot spot for happy hour.  To unwind, have our 2 bogo drinks, have a bite off the buffet and head home.   Well it went like that with the exception that I met “him”.   We were sitting around chatting it up when I looked up and there he was mouthing “What are you drinking”?  My smile must have been some confirming invite because before I knew it he had made his way over to our table and was asking all the ladies what they were drinking because he was buying the next round.  With that he stayed around chatting with me while the drinks were being made.    Over the course of an hour we talked and the conversation and evening ended with him walking me out to my car and asking me out for lunch the next day.

He wasn’t the sexiest guy in the room, the tallest guy or the “model” type at all.  Frankly I wasn’t even looking for guys.. Just wanted to get out the house and be social.   What I would later discover is that he is the most honest, sincere, caring, kind, gentle, chivalric, and humble with a twist of cocky at times guy.  Totally NOT the type of guy that I would gravitate to in a sea full men from appearances and he’d later say that I’m 100% opposite of what he attracts and is typically attracted to as well.     He wasn’t ugly just not “my typical type”.  You know how that goes!  Neither one of us saw this coming.  An attraction that transcended looks, cuteness, or anything superficial to a certain degree.  I don’t know why I said YES to lunch the next day or each date thereafter.  I just knew he possessed something different.  He always smiled and made me smile.  We got along.    He paid to attention to everything  Every detail, every word he clung to as if it were gospel.  He wrote things down and could recite details of the darndest things I had said.  He was different no doubt and he still tells me I’m “special” everyday.  The un-likeliest 2 people who met when eyes locked across the room are now an item.  We were both able to look past the things that normally wouldn’t catch our eyes.   Not that either of us lacked attractiveness, for me it was his size and for him it was my size.  He liked more full figured women and I more slim, but at the end of the day we both agree that sometimes you have to…..

1.   look beyond the packaging (good things can come  in a little different packaging)

2.   be open (relax on the rules.  Don’t over analyze everything. Roll with it what do you have to lose?

3.  step outside of comfort and whats “familiar” 

Although I for 1 didn’t see any of this coming .. he saw more than I could see early on.  At the end of the day by following these 3 steps we are where we  are today and its a beautiful thing.

4. take a chance on love .. you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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