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Let ’em Go!!


When I first met Wayne we had this friendly debate over people moving on.  Letting people go.  We didn’t see eye to eye on the subject at all.   My position is this:  If I matter/mattered to you then you should “fight” to keep me, in the event I happen to serve you notice that I’m leaving.   I’m done or its over.   His stance is:  “Let ‘em go”.  If someone doesn’t want to be there or with you what the heck are you fighting for?  Let ‘em go.

Something recently happened that has me now oddly enough siding with Wayne.   Friday was one of my coworkers last day at work.   Well in the 11th hour and several Higher Ups signing off… the company counter offered and literally gave him what he wanted money and perk wise.   Monday he came in to work and I could tell by his body language etc that he wasn’t ALL IN.  Something was still off.   His spirit was still at war and I called him out on it and shared what my spirit had picked up on.   Out of the blue last nite I got a random text from him stating he turned in his badge and he RE-QUIT ( how does that work) lol.   Anyway the point I’m making and the thing that was eye opening for me is this.  Maybe Wayne was right.  When people have purposed in their heart and minds that they are fed up and want out.  There’s really nothing you can do.  Now this isn’t always the rule, as there are exceptions but I think I’m a believer now.    In relationships I believe that even if you are able to “WOO” the person back it’ll only be a matter of time before the same feelings well up and the other person finds a new reason to want out.   Last time it was weight, now its hair, or something else.    So you see, you can literally spend a lifetime trying to please someone who is un-pleasable or making “changes” that are irrelevant to what the real issue is… that being he/she is just not that into you anymore.   As with my coworker, he was granted the desires of his heart and that wasn’t enough.   He tried justifying his change of heart by blaming his wife, but truth of the matter he doesn’t have to justify it.  He wanted out and OUT is what he got.


Moral to the story:  You can’t make someone love you.  You can’t force feed someone to see the good in you.  You are powerless when it comes to another person’s happiness and personal choices.  So Let ‘em GO!  Love you enough to free them and you of dead weight.   #goodmombadwife

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