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Not Broke $$$ doesn’t mean NOT Broken

Just because you aren’t  $$$$$ BROKE doesn’t mean you’re not BROKEN


This phrase came to me the other day as I was discussing the rash of suicides of the Rich and Famous with a co-worker.   During that conversation I made the statement   “Just because you aren’t broke doesn’t mean you aren’t broken”.    It’s an interesting topic and statement to ponder on, especially in the dating world.   Whether you are a man or woman, who wouldn’t want to marry or be with someone who is Rich or Wealthy?   What we fail to see in our romantic vision is the pain and hurt that sometimes lies behind the smiles, the public appearances, the flashy this and thats.


I had to check myself because I’ve recently met a  guy after my  “Selfish Wayne” now fizzled, short lived whatever you want to call it … dare I say date-ship who based on my “drawings” would’ve been overlooked in a line up.   I would have missed out on the most sweetest, attentive man I’ve ever met to this day and he’s not at all in the packaging I was expecting.   Having been married and divorced I feel like I have an unique opportunity to have the DO OVER of a lifetime.  I want to maximize it.  I think in terms of going to Burger King and having it my way.  I want(ed) it all.  MONEY, LOOKS, Personality… bring it all.  What I realized is that although I didn’t marry “RICH” before… we did alright.  We were 2 hardworking  people, both of which on some level were broken individuals and equally as broken together.   So fast forward, today I have what seems to be the most perfect guy for me based on what I NEED and not solely based on what I WANT(ed), and that’s okay.   The key here is NEED –vs- WANT.   If we’re honest and go back to our list and re-assess we’ll realize that most of our Wants aren’t justifiable NEEDS, but often times we are willing to suppress the NEEDS to get to the WANTS.  How backwards is that?   I figure if we spend more time looking for the least broken individuals and less on the not so BROKE financially …  we just might come out with some winners!  #goodmombadwife

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