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P.D.A. or P.D.N-O-T so much


This is a PSA for all my PDA’ers. A cautionary tale.

When P.D.A  (public displays of affection) goes wrong and too far.   This past weekend I decided I would get a room and just have a DO Me type weekend.  The “plan” included shopping, sipping, eating and  chillaxing.  Mission was accomplished.   Somewhere in the midst of my chillaxing I decided to mozy on down to the lobby where there was a wonderful band playing.  The vibe was awesome.   Christmas cheer was in the air as there were several holiday parties going on.  People were chatty and very friendly.    Here’s where it all changed.


IMG_2495 IMG_2494..  Meet the “DRUNKS”   Actually there were several in the building but these 2 just took the cake.   These two walk in… basically in full WASTED mode already.   All they needed was a bed and just sleep the nite away, but NOOoooo  they saunter up to the bar.  SHE was mostly holding HIM up because he just wasn’t going to make it solo and she wasn’t that far behind him, just barely making it herself.   So we’re rocking to the music when the PDA starts.  It was soo disgusting.  He’s trying to eat her mouth and throat and it was just an unsightly thing to look at.    This persisted for over an hour.  By this point they have amassed an audience of equally disgusted on lookers and trying NOT to lookers.    So me being a self proclaimed photog/paparazzi decided to capture this ignorance on film ( flash and all).  You’d have thought the Flash would have been enough for them to get a hint, clue or something that HEY.. You’re DOING TOO MUCH.  Actually someone yelled get a room!  Lol, and whats worse is that.. we weren’t at some shabby dive motel… it was the RITZ Carlton for crying out loud!!

So with all that being said … is there a limit to P.D.A.?   Is there a such thing as “sexy – P.D.A.”?   I’ve seen it done right which can at times be a slight turn on, but in this case.. uhhh not so much.  I really wanted to pull my own lips off!  When I think P.D.A. in terms of my relationship(s), it would be hugging, maybe snuggled up in a lounge, a quick kiss… nothing lingering, a smack on the butt(maybe), gently rubbing the small of my back.  Now to me those displays are HOTT.  Gropping, trying to eat one anothers face off, sloppy drunken state would be out of the question.   See for yourself.  My photo-essay  to the DRUNKS of this weekend.

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