Innocence.. the power of words.

Reflections  from a mother of school aged kids.
     Something adults could probably learn from too. The POWER OF WORDS. My baby son had an incident recently at the school where something he said was misconstrued and twisted to a degree of Teacher intervention. Now I’m not one of those parents who is in denial about how “busy” and rambunctious her children are ( Well honestly I used to be that girl but who’s judging)!! I realize kids say stuff in the heat of the moment.. no different than adults but I’m just so saddened by the direction the world has gone into. I mean today kids are being tried as adults, words that fall upon the wrong ears can get you killed, beat up or cost you a job. Are we over sensitive? Yeah probably but it’s just shockingly where we are in the world today. I’m challenged to teach my sons that 
1. not everything in your mind needs to come out your mouth. 
2. Words are powerful 
3. Be careful of the company you keep and lastly 
4. not everyone is your friend.
    Where have things gone wayward I often ask? I think it’s lack of fear. The youth of the today and heck lets be balanced some adults have NO FEAR for authority or the consequences of their actions. Innocence is lost.. when a silly “yo momma” joke leads to someone getting choked out or kicked in the stomach etc.. Are kids having to grow up faster? Where is the Kids Only lane? I think it’s the dotted line in between the two solid adult lines and thats not fair but then again who said fair was right? 
I’m lamenting over the fact that we have to raise hyper sensitive little ones to accommodate for the rogue behavior of adults. Kids are all to often placed in adult situations way too prematurely. As a kid my mother was quick to say get out of my conversation or dismiss us from a room of chattering adults. Today some would think it’s cute that little “Suzy” and “Bobby” are so “mature” and can hold adult conversations at 3 and 4 years old. Uhh.. not so much! Again where has the innocence of youth gone?   I recently checked my middle son for over stepping  bounds when questioning me about what he called “OUR MONEY”.  I quickly squashed the conversation by stating I don’t discuss money.. my money with children.  The message was that I deal with the finances in my lane, your lane is for education and kid stuff.  He was trying to tell me where and how to spend my money and quote me on something I said of which he overheard and misinterpreted.  Hence stay in a child’s place as the old folk used to say.  Back to being a kid… while no one liked them.. a good “paddling” or the thought of a paddling back in the day was all it took back in the day to get oneself back on track and on the straight and narrow. It reinforced the fact that there would be actionable consequences to untolerable behavior.    The innocence of youthful play is marred by senseless acts to where a kid can’t really be a kid anymore.   Today if you tap another child it’s considered ASSAULT.  Such a strong word for childs play.  I so which that was still in the schools. I guess the moral to the story is Whether you are an adult or a child understand the power of words and how they can impact, affect and cause reaction in others. Support one another. Work on showing kindness and tolerance for those who aren’t quite like you. Differences are good and should be celebrated. As parents (I’m speaking to myself) lets not fly off the handle because someone/child did something to your child. Trust me your kids are watching to see how you respond and that response will be forever engrained and encoded in their impressionable minds. They’ll figure well if that’s how my parents handle it, so shall I. @goodmombadwife

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