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Say hello to my little friend!


Sometimes I crack myself up.   I don’t know where I come up with the foolishness that I do, all in the name of parenting.  It seems 2 out of 3 of my sons have/had the same issues.  They are a bit hyper and when they get bored they tend to act up in class, and then there are times when they unconsciously do things like hum or make sounds that I think they are unaware of.

When my oldest son was in 9th or 10th grade I got fed up with the calls, notes and teachers calling my son “IMMATURE”.  Granted by some definition of the word, I guess he was.    So one day out the blue  I decided take ½ day off  work and sit in each of his classes.  Who does that?  ME!  To add insult to injury I went out and got one those devices that you see parents attach to their kids at amusement parks (kinda like a leash).  I brought one of those and attached it to him and me, and off we went from class to class.  EXTREME?  Maybe… Point taken by my son?  YES!    I shook my head at myself thinking.. WHO DOES THIS CRAP?   I’m still cracking up on the inside about that one, frankly I think I threw the teachers off with that move too.   The point is sometimes you gotta do things to shake the kids up.  Keep ‘em guessing and wondering which direction you’re gonna come at them.   I’m wondering is this a boy thing?  Is this payback on some twisted level for something I’d done in the past?   The good thing is… as time went on he grew out of his foolishness and life went on.

Fast forward.. my youngest son has started carrying on similarly.   It still sucks to get emails and calls from the teachers.  This time I’m not so much in denial and I’m ahead of this nonsense given I’ve been through it before.  My style of parenting is this.  If I say I’m going to do something I need to follow through otherwise it lessens my authority and the kids think I’m kidding or playing.. of which I’m not.  With that being said.. I told my son that if I got one more email/call I was going to come up to the school and bring “MY LITTLE FRIEND”.. that means the belt and take it back old school and pop them hands right in front of the class.  Well the thought alone was enough to strike fear but I needed to follow through so I arranged with his teacher the perfect day and time to come do a drive by.  I let her know that I may have a belt with me but not to be alarmed.


Off I went to class, belt in tow.  I walked in and my sons face just dropped.  I plopped down in the 1st available chair and took the belt out of my purse and sat it on the desk for not only him but the class to see.  The looks on those kids faces was PRICELESS.  I secretly internally cracked up.

Anyway the message here is this.  Parenting is no joke, SINGLE PARENTING… all the more.  I never knew there would be so many ups, downs, twists, turns, personalities, moods etc.  I thought I could parent blanketly.. meaning 1 way works for all, but its not the case.  Each child is an individual and I have to discipline based on that child.  I have to follow through on my “threats”.  I need them to know that I support them but not condone foolishness or misbehavior.  This parenthood things is a trip.  So well worth it, but dang… who knew?  Am I doing too much?  Am I out of control for my antics?  Is it extreme parenting?  I’m curious.  #goodmombadwife.

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