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Divorce parenting

Taking One for the Team

  I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has gone through this. While this is deeply private and personal, the whole goal of GOODMOMBADWIFE is to keep it real and share in experiences good/bad or ugly. We’ve all heard the expression “Take One For The TEAM” and have used the phrase at some point in our personal or  ...

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Everyone has a Story

The next chapter has begun. I’m a homeowner again! 2 months of being cramped in a 1000 sq ft Apartment is about all I can handle. The man with the dog downstairs, the Angry truck driving chick down below beating on her ceiling at me , and the little boy overhead thumping and bumping all types of hours at night causing me to beat my ceiling at  ...

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Embracing Singlehood

There truly is a point where being single isn’t all that bad.  As I am transitioning from one home to another and out of one state into another I’m sorta glad that I don’t have to factor anyone else into the equation.   It’s 100% my choice and my decision.   I get to skip all the back and forth as to why this state? Why that  ...

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Good help is hard to find

As I, dare I say struggle to balance work, life, kids, school, homework, teacher conferences, etc., I realize it’s a really underrated thing being a parent. It really can take a lot out of a person. I only have 3 kids, but sheesh what about the people who have more than that. It’s interesting for me because while I was married and working might I add, I  ...

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Plenty of fish in the sea

     I feel like over the past lets say year or so I’ve kinda somewhat become numb and disinterested in dating and the whole scene.   Now I know why I wasn’t dater as a youngster. It’s just waaaay too much work. I recently told a girlfriend of mine, who thought I sounded completely crazy for saying “I don’t have time to get all done up to meet  ...

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Does instructions come with this guy?

  In an effort to be fair and balanced. I have to say I’m no patron saint. I didn’t cheat or hit but If I’m honest I caused wounds of my own that left bruises on him.  As a darker skinned woman my exterior bruises were not as noticeable as say those that would’ve been left on him, a 200% lighter skinned man whose hue was on the opposite spectrum of  ...

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