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Innocence.. the power of words.

Reflections  from a mother of school aged kids.      Something adults could probably learn from too. The POWER OF WORDS. My baby son had an incident recently at the school where something he said was misconstrued and twisted to a degree of Teacher intervention. Now I’m not one of those parents who is in denial about how “busy” and  ...

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Does it get better with time?

     The old adage is that time heals all wounds.  …  so naturally I thought the same would apply for divorce and post-divorce life, but I seem to be wrong.   While it’s been a good 5 or so years since the divorce and each of us have moved on… or have we?, I expected a certain level of respect and diplomacy but those words would be  ...

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Who’s responsible …….

As I sat watching an episode of a self help show I couldn’t help but reflect over my own life.  On this particular episode there was a guy about my age 41’ish who was abandoned by his father roughly 30 years ago and they hadn’t seen one another since.  The guy felt that the abandonment of his father has attributed to his cheating, poor  ...

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Good help is hard to find

As I, dare I say struggle to balance work, life, kids, school, homework, teacher conferences, etc., I realize it’s a really underrated thing being a parent. It really can take a lot out of a person. I only have 3 kids, but sheesh what about the people who have more than that. It’s interesting for me because while I was married and working might I add, I  ...

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