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There’s nothing new under the sun


At least that’s what they say.  I thought about this the other day as my Middle School son who just turned 12 came home all worked up.  I don’t know why I asked because I should’ve known… it was over some girl.  You see last week she was the hottest thing going.  He was in love.  Taken aback by her beauty, wit and charm.  She could do no wrong and she said she was all in to be his “girlfriend”.  Well lets keep in mind that out of say 6 weeks of being in school I’ve heard this story at least 4 times.  I call it his “love merry-go-round”.   These little love fests usually last about a week to 2 weeks.  He’ll come home all worked up because the girl decides she likes someone else or he sees her flirting with the next guy.  The deceit, the lies the dishonesty, the “game” playing that goes on that age is quite interesting to behold.    Then it hit me.  As my brother n law and I sat there listening to my son go on and on about how he doesn’t like the girl anymore and how he’s on the hunt for the “next best thing” ( my words not his).  I realized that same crap my 12 year old is going through is similar to the crap that some 40, 50, 60 year olds go through.   Talk about an epiphany.  I told my brother.  I see why adults are hot messes… its because they started out as messes and they just carried the same nonsense on into adulthood.    Now how sad is that?  It seems crazy to think that at 40 I could potentially be in the same boat relationally as my 12 year old son.  Ewwwh…  that sounds bad reading it as I type, but its true.


The sad reality is.. the  “GAME” hasn’t changed… only the players.  Coupled with the notion that people will only do what you allow them to do.   In some small way I’m glad that my son recognizes that he won’t be “played”.  He recognizes that she’s “doing too much” and moves on.  As adults sometimes we try to cling to and hold on to people, relationships, mates that aren’t worth holding on to.  Maybe out of fear.  Maybe out of not wanting to be alone or lonely,  or maybe because we hope that this too will pass and the other person will SNAP out of it and come to their senses.  Who knows?  I just thought it was an interesting parallel.  The good news is that when you know better you do better.  When you see that you’ve reached a dead end you have to make a decision to turn around or change up your course.   When people show you who they are ….. believe them.  You may not be the agent that can change them, but you can change how you file that person and categorize them in your life.    At the end of the day… there’s really nothing new under the sun.  What you’re going through know that someone else has gone through before as well.   #GOODMOMBADWIFE

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